After providing Mercedes Benz repairs for over 47 years in the Reno Area, there are a lot of common repairs we see at Metric Motors. Here is our Top 20 list of common repairs and service needs for our Mercedes Benz clients:

  1. Air Conditioners
  2. Check Engine Lights
  3. Oil Changes
  4. Oil Filters
  5. Computer Diagnostics
  6. CV, Flex & Universal Joints
  7. Cruise Control
  8. Belts
  9. Hoses
  10. Starters
  11. Alternators
  12. Brakes
  13. Clutch Systems
  14. ABS Service
  15. Power Steering
  16. Fuel System
  17. Tune-ups
  18. Wheel Bearings
  19. Emissions
  20. Timing Belt

Make an appointment today at Metric Motors and have our shop scan your vehicle to diagnose why engine or service light is on. We can provide a full vehicle inspection to make sure all areas of your vehicle are road safe and ready for the driving season ahead. Ask yourself when was the last time you inspected and replaced the battery, windshield wipers, headlights, signal bulbs and belts on your Mercedes Benz. We also service AUDI, BMW, Jaguar and Volvo vehicles.


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